Nurture Body Mind and Soul






Healing and stress relief massage treatments by our London-trained masseuse.

Various massage techniques and treatments are on offer, using our own bespoke oils and products.

See the treatments page for more information.

Loyalty programme available - see below.

Body care



Bespoke body care products manufactured by our aromatherapist.

Products are used during treatments and also for sale to clients.

See our body care products page for more information.

Yoga classes



Small group yoga classes. Classes are kept small for individual attention.

Three styles of yoga are offered - Iyengar based Hatha yoga, Restorative Yoga and Yin Yoga.

See the yoga classes page for more information on the styles of yoga, class time tables, fees and yoga etiquette


Loyalty programmes and discount offers

Massage treatments


Ask for your loyalty card!    You receive 50% discount for every 5th 60 minute or 90 minute massage 


Pensioner's discount available


Breathe-Bodyandmind Yogis will receive 10% discount on all massage treatments


You also qualify for a 10% discount on any treatment if you book during the month of your birthday! Don't forget to mention "birthday" when you book.



Our signature Treatment 


60min Natural Face Lift / facial rejuvination treament


This Facial Rejuvenation Treatment incorporates a unique blend of highly effective techniques from Indian Facial Massage, Japanese facial massage, Acupressure and Reflexology techniques.


A face lift without surgery! 


Specifically designed to reprogram facial muscles.


Sanet trained with the only course provider in the UK to offer this exclusive Facial Massage Treatment.


Events and special days


From time to time Sanet and Karien combine their skills to create an event or special day . 




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