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About us


Two sisters


Two sisters, Sanet and Karien, skilled in complimentary healing treatments and activities joined forces to create Breathe-Bodyandmind.

Specialising in healing massage and body therapy treatments, bespoke body care products and yoga classes, Breathe-Bodyandmind aims to bring nourishment to body, mind and soul.


Sanet runs the massage salon and manufactures the salon's bespoke body care products. Read more about Sanet in the column below.


Karien teaches group yoga classes on specified dates. Read more about Karien in the main column and see the yoga classes page for class time tables and packages 





“I am an intuitive massage therapist and massage is my art.


My treatments are more than just massage - it heals on all levels. You cannot work on the physical body without affecting the energy or vibration of the body and vice versa.


Your body communicates with you. Stress affects our energy and more often than not, it manifests in our physical body as pain, dis-ease and or illness.  Massage is a wonderful tool as it assists the body and muscles in releasing stress, tension and/or trauma.

Muscles have cells and cells have memory and through regular massage we bring positive memory back to the muscles and the body as a whole.

I believe massage is a necessity and not a luxury.”






“I use yoga as a tool to help reduce the stress of our daily lives, to heal and nurture the body, mind and soul. As I grow older and more and more aware of my own body's response to main-stream yoga, I realise the need to adapt poses for specific physical needs, age, injuries.


Yoga is a very personal journey and every yogi has different strengths and abilities. Yoga is accessible to everyone and with modifications, most yoga asanas (postures) can be practiced safely by all. In yoga, we listen to our bodies and aim to do no harm."

Sanet's Qualifications