Classes at

Virgin Active Little Falls




8h45-9h45  Align Hatha Yoga



17h30 - 18h30  Align Hatha Yoga



9h00-10h00    Calm / Yin Yoga

10h00-10h30   Yoga Nidra

Iyengar-based Hatha



A traditional yoga style teaching physical postures and synchronising movement with the breath.


Focus is on alignment and technique to execute postures safely and correctly. Various breathing techniques are practiced as well.


Postures may be modified to suit an individual’s abilities by using props where needed. 


Postures can also be linked to flow from one posture to another, using the breath, while still focusing on alignment and technique.


Postures may be held for a few breaths, building strength and stamina.


Yin Yoga


Gentle, meditative, slow moving practice with long holds. Targets joints, fascia and inter-connective tissues. Works with the meridians or energy lines in the body to achieve the flow of energy (chi) through the body.


The focus is on functional alignment of the body, allowing each yogi to adjust the pose to achieve the stretch in the specific target area, so the pose would look different for each yogi.


Classes may include a component of Yang Yoga flows.


Great to counterbalance our active vinyasa and hatha yoga, compliments strength training, good for cyclists, runners, body builders, office workers and anyone spending long hours in a seated position.

Small group classes

Booking is essential - contact Karien to make your booking

082 854 4287


Yoga Etiquette


If you are new to the class or yoga, please arrive early enough to speak to the yoga instructor before class starts


Please arrive at least 5 mins before class to settle in and centre yourself


Please take off your shoes outside the studio and store them in the cubicles with your bags and tops


Please switch cell phones to silent

Respect everyone’s space – please do not step on another mat


If your health condition changes, you have any injuries or are pregnant, please advise the yoga instructor before class

Class fees and packages


First class is free!


Drop in classes        R 100/class

Loyalty Programme:

every 5th class is free!


 Group classes : monthly packages   


1 Class p/week  or  4 classes p/month 

R 300 p/p per month


2 Classes p/week  or 8 classes p/month

R 550 p/p per month


3 or more classes per week

  R 750 p/p per month


Beginners course

R 450 p/p - complete all 6 lessons and get 50% off your 

monthly package for February!


Family discount   

2 or more family members - 10% discount applies

Pensioner's discount available


Terms and Conditions apply:

Contact Karien for T&Cs - a copy must be signed


Yoga Classes

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clear instructions but never taken too seriously. calming and restorative


Karien is excellent whether you’re just starting up or want to do more advanced yoga


Absolutely wonderful classes, she is very good at what she does, it’s a blessing to be in her presence, Namaste 🙏🏻


Thank you @karien_hanekom @breathewithsanetandkarien ❤ for your grace, and your quiet but strong presence! One day I will get a full head stand!

Classes at Breathe Studio




16h30 - 17h30  Iyengar Hatha Yoga



8h30 - 9h30      Yin/ restorative yoga

17h30 - 18h30  Yin/ restorative yoga



8h30 - 9h30      Iyengar Hatha Yoga



8h30-9h30    Iyengar Hatha Yoga

no class on the 2nd Saturday of each month

10h00-11h00   Yoga in the Park replacing yoga at  Breathe Studio

Beginners' course at Breathe Studio

January 2020


6 Classes

Tuesday 14, 21, 28 January @ 17h30

Saturday 18, 25 January @ 10h00

Tuesday 4 February @ 17h30

Yoga in the park in Little Falls


Access in Horseshoe Street

bring own mats, sunscreen, a hat, water


Second Saturday of every month

10h00-11h00   Yoga for all levels

Restorative Yoga


Gentle, slower moving practice with longer holds, aimed at restoring balance and calmness in body and mind.


Classes may include meditation and breathing techniques.


Classes may focus on gentle stretches of leg and hip muscle groups, tight shoulders, postures to reduce sore lower backs or soothe stiff necks etc.


Good for those need a gentler style of yoga while still improving flexibility and improving mobility. Compliments strength training, good for cyclists, runners, body builders, office workers and anyone spending long hours in a seated position.